I Feel Like a POME

prison cell








I feel like a POME,
Stuck on this rock,
Waiting to come home,
Watching the clock.
And when the time comes,
I travel with glee.
The jet engine thrums,
As I fly o’er the sea.
Then we are together,
The whole world right.
It should be forever,
This heavenly light.
But before we know it,
The hands have turned.
It really is shit,
We should have learned
Time has passed,
In the blink of an eye.
We should have asked
The gods in the sky
To stop the passage,
The passage of time,
When we’re together,
And life is sublime.
Dedicated to my version of heaven, Ionia.

heavenly light

Holy Crap!

Yes. I will say it again. Holy Crap! Have I really not posted here since the 1st of October. It appears so. At least it was October this year, I guess. Why? Why have you not posted in so long I hear you ask. Or maybe that is just the voices in my head again. Well the truth is that I have been splitting my time between abiding in heavenly raptures, and wallowing in self-pity. Does the fact that I have managed a post mean that I am no longer wallowing? Well, no. I am still wallowing. Wallowing like a hippo in mud.

hippoI have also been working on a double top secret project that I shall shortly reveal to one and all. No! Not now. Not that shortly. Be patient. I am very excited about this project and, as is my wont, shall no doubt divulge the details far sooner than is apposite.

top secretFor now please allow me to present my apologies to one and all for not posting for so long. Notice how I keep using that phrase, ‘One and all’? It is almost as if I have the, probably misguided, belief that more than one follower remains to read this after the extended fallow period to which I have subjected them.

So, I am back, at least for now, and then most likely only sporadically. Back to amaze and dazzle you with my charm and wit, with the beauty and wonder of my eloquence.

Naturally this depends upon my proclivity for wallowing. But, hey, it is warm here in the mud

Consolations by Debut Author Sally Wolfe

Consolations CoverBook Details

A beautiful and haunting story of forbidden love, “Consolations” portrays a woman’s lifelong struggle to reconcile her all-too-human feelings with her quest for the highest spiritual life.

It is 1951 and young Fiona Ingram is full of the fervor of a new convert. Following in the footsteps of her inspiration, Thomas Merton, she abandons a promising academic career and enters Epiphany Monastery, ablaze with the certainty that a life dedicated to seeking God alone is the great adventure – and that it is meant for her.

What she finds there is not what she expects: Rev. Nathan Woods, a Jesuit and professor of theology who comes to give the annual retreat. When their forbidden
affair ends abruptly, Fiona, now Sister Bridget, suffers a split in her soul. Under the guidance of the compassionate abbess, she tries to “reclaim her heart” and her lost fervor. She conforms outwardly as she rises in positions of authority and responsibility in the order, yet she continues to struggle to understand and resolve her relationship with Nathan – all the while carrying on a secret correspondence with him, until she is forced – in a final encounter and spiritual crisis – to dive deep into the still point of her soul and discover the truth.

Trade paper, $16.95; Cloth, $27.95
ISBN: 9781935462149
Fiction, 300 pages
Luminis Books, October 2014

Meet the Author

Sally WolfeSally Wolfe is a marketing communications consultant for the holistic health community. She edits manuscripts, e-books, courseware and spent two years editing Narrative Magazine. Her serious studies of Thomas Merton’s work led her to visit Benedictine and Trappist monasteries across the United States. She lives in Santa Cruz, California.

Complex Knowing by Chris Katasaropoulos

Those of  you read my review of ‘Antiphony’, by Chris Katasaropoulos will be aware of how much I enjoyed reading that particular book. I am very excited by the imminent release of his latest offering, ‘Complex Knowing’.

Complex Knowing CoverBook Details

These poems send the reader on a journey into the hidden realm of the subconscious, where the sixth sense of knowing overwhelms the other five.

Chris Katsaropoulos has written a collection of poems that turn words and phrases inside out, bringing forth the intricate truths that can be found within a frozen landscape, a lost tribe of warriors, a funeral cortege, or a chrysanthemum weathering a drought.

The dark existential themes capture the uneven and inexplicable nature of the human soul as it tries to muddle through a world that sometimes seems designed to thwart every attempt to love, while at the same time filled with beauty and overflowing with life.

Hardcover, $16.95
ISBN: 9781935462101

Poetry, 96 pages
Luminis Books, October 2014

Meet the Author

Chris KatasaropoulosChris Katsaropoulos is the author of more than a dozen books, including four critically-acclaimed novels, “Unilateral,” “Antiphony,” “Fragile” and “Entrevoir,” as well as “Complex Knowing,” the first collection of his poetry.

“Unilateral,” his latest novel, is publishing in September and deals with the conflict in the Gaza Strip and Middle East. Chris has been an editor at several major publishing houses and has published numerous trade books, textbooks and novels over the course of his career.

Chris enjoys traveling, playing the piano and hiking in out-of-the-way places. Visit antiphonyck.blogspot.com to read more, including his most recent poems. Chris lives in Carmel, Ind.

Praise for Past Releases by Chris Katasaropoulos


Antiphony Cover“‘Antiphony’ is a book so eloquent and brilliant that it requires time— that precious entity few seem to have saved for exploration of the arts – to explore this obvious treasure. It is related to the great works of literature – James Joyce, T.S. Eliot, Virginia Woolf, Solzhenitsyn, Dante Alighieri, Roberto Bolaño, Tolstoy, Proust, Kazantzakis, Kafka,
Melville, and Conrad are a few that come to mind.” – Grady Harp, Amazon Top 10 Reviewer, Literary Aficionado

“With the debate between supporters of evolution and creationism (recently highlighted by Bill Nye and Ken Ham), ‘Antiphony’ is an intriguing timely tale.” – Midwest Book Review

“‘Antiphony’ is, in many ways, an awe-inspiring novel…Writer Chris Katsaropoulos has a way of delving deeply into what seem like small moments…It makes me wonder how he did it.” – Al Riske, author of “Precarious” and “Sabrina’s Window”

“Hold on to your chair or you will be totally transported out of your comfort zone by ‘Antiphony’…Katsaropoulos is an emerging fresh literary voice not to be overlooked.” – NUVO Newsweekly

“‘Antiphony’ blends reality and non-reality in a fabulous way. There are dreams and visions, there’s science and of course the piece itself is fiction but could be a real story theoretically. Interesting!” – Kathryn Vercillo, diaryofasmartchick.com


Fragile Cover“‘Fragile” is a beautifully-written novel…the writing is uniquely refreshing. After reading Fragile, I found myself feeling very contemplative. Readers will enjoy Fragile and will find meaning in it that applies to their own lives…Highly recommended.” – Paige Lovitt, Reader Views

“Mesmerizing and beautiful, a truly stunning book! Katsaropoulos is new to writing fiction, and his first novel sets the bar incredibly high.” – Lauri Coats, ReviewTheBook.com

“There is an element of higher meaning in this story that makes it fascinating to finish and to contemplate the experience of reading it. For lovers of experimental literature, this book is tasty.” – Grady Harp, Amazon Top 10 Reviewer