A new book I am VERY excited about!

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Looking forward to reading this.

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Lots of authors lately have made the jump to self publishing, and I have found some really great books thanks to these decisions. Here’s one that I am particularly excited about. If you haven’t met this author yet, please take a moment to stop by his blog and say hello. He’s a hard working writer–and just a great person in general, with a personality that won’t quit.

Visit him at: Fiction Favorites

Announcing His Revenge by John W. Howell is now available in paper and ebook on Amazon.

His Revenge front final

The sequel to My GRL titled His Revenge is available and a new story continues where My GRL left off.

His Revenge is available in the US in Paper and Kindle editions

In Canada in Paper and Kindle editions

In the UK in Paper and Kindle editions

Here is the blurb:

America loves John Cannon, its newest hero, and the President wants…

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Such a fun giveaway! Prizes for Voyagers!

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Check out this awesome giveaway. This is a really cool concept.

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Want to win an iPhone case, a couple of really great books and a button to push as you read along? Become a voyager!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment here and share this post with your favourite social media outlet. US residents only please. :)

I’ve barely dipped into the first book and already I am fascinated. I’ll update everyone once I finish the first two, but these are going to create quite a stir in anyone looking for an adventure!


Get the full Voyagers experience! One (1) winner receives:

  • The first two books in the series;
  • Branded iPhone6 case and home GadgetGrip button to deck out your device while experiencing the Voyagers app.


The action is on the page, on your device, and out of this world! This multiplatform middle-grade series is fully locked and…

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A guest spot with the lovely Mia Thompson (Character Description)

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An interesting look at how the author’s view of a character may differ from that of each reader.

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Ever find an author’s work so engaging that you can’t wait to find out more about the author and their writing habits? I feel that way about Mia Thompson every time I read one of her books. If you are a reader or a fellow author–this guest blog will be insightful and entertaining. Mia is a truly talented writer and has kindly agreed to share some wisdom with us! Please take a moment to read her post here and check out her books below!

Her latest book:

click cover to purchase

sentencing sapphire COVER

Sapphire Dubois is back in the follow-up to the international bestsellers STALKING SAPPHIRE and SILENCING SAPPHIRE, fighting her most grueling serial killer yet.

A summer has passed since the catastrophe at the country club. Heiress and vigilante Sapphire Dubois has escaped to Paris, where she has shed her rich persona and lives as the infamous Serial…

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Witches: Coven of Seduction

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Intelligent! Steamy! Creative! Suspenseful, surprising ending. A wonderful read.

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Coven of seduction cover

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

Description: Witches: Coven of Seduction is a short, paranormal erotic romance novel of just over 40,000 words and is the first book of the Creatures of NOLA series. This book is for mature audiences.

Blurb: Reagan St. Claire uses sex to kill.

She’s three-hundred years old, but doesn’t look a day over thirty. As Leader of the Coven of Eternal Night in New Orleans, it is her job to ensure the survival of her kind—and that means gathering the energy sources needed to initiate new members into the coven. How she gathers those energy sources is the fun part.

With the witch’s ceremony quickly approaching, Reagan must use her feminine charms to round up appropriate men and drain their energy, but life doesn’t go exactly as she planned.

Bastion Dauphine crashes into her life unexpectedly. Sexy, mysterious and not necessarily what Reagan thinks he…

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The Latest Reason To Be Ashamed Of Myself

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A perfect parody. A spectacular spoof. Check it out now. Excellent read.

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horror cover

Available now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

“Thursday the Twelfth” is a 15k word parody about a down-on-his-luck killer in a horror book. Filled with absolute silliness, it is not recommended that you read this book if you are concerned with your sanity. For everyone else who is okay with being crazy, please proceed.

What happens if the star of the horror book, the masked murderer, is arrested before he has the chance to kill anyone? A failing college student steps in to take his place. Can it really be that simple? Does the masked killer just walk up to someone and kill them?

Not quite.

Along with following all of the horror monster rules he learned at Psychotic Killer Camp, like:

The killer always gets up again
He always takes the stairs
He must never lose his weapon
He must enter through the most impossible entrance


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Your chance to win a copy–Becoming Ellen by Shari Shattuck

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A great giveaway

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I’ve got a beautiful hardcover copy of this book to giveaway to one lucky winner. All you gotta do to enter is share this post with your favourite social media outlet and drop me a comment below to let me know you did. (US residents only please.)

Winners will be chosen on Friday 8/14

Thank you to Putnam/Penguin Random House for the prize :)

Becoming EllenBecoming Ellen by Shari Shattuck

Returning in the bestselling tradition of Jennifer Weiner, Shattuck brilliantly illustrates the deep friendship between two absolutely unforgettable women in this touching yet funny novel.

Ellen Homes is done being invisible. Well, sort of.

Living with her closest friends, Temerity and Justice, has helped her step out of the shell of invisibility she once hid away in. She still seeks refuge in solitary time and observing from afar, but she has pushed herself to open up to others in ways that…

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The First Time

The first time you wrote,
A comment for me,
I could hardly know,
What this would grow to be

The first time we emailed
Privately, of course,
My heart soared and sailed
And you were the source

The first time we texted
More instantaneous now,
The fens to be excepted,
Where 3G is a sow

The first time we spoke
Your beautiful voice,
Took my breath away,
Made me rejoice

The first time we skyped
And I saw your face,
My heart it did flutter,
At your angelic grace

The first time we met,
In the physical world,
Everything shifted,
As my soul unfurled

The first time we kissed
And sizzling sparks flew,
Our lips they touched,
And our love grew

The first time we made …
Such intimate joy,
From the heavens above,
Just a girl and a boy

And all of these firsts,
Led to seconds and thirds,
An infinity of ecstasies,
That you bring unto me.

The ultimate love,
United and free,
Together always,
Is what we shall be.