Work and Relaxation

Been busy this weekend. Up early to go shopping saturday, then back home to try and get a start on my ECA. Needless to say I didn’t get very far. I did however start to make a few notes on different ideas for papers or magazine articles to look at writing. In particular Hydrogen Release Compound(HRC) as a means of biodegradation of chlorinated hydrocarbons, Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA) and why the assessment of the ionic balance of groundwaters is of environmental importance.

Day broken up by my father visiting and checking the fuses in my car to see if that was why the fan doesn’t work. Unfortunately this only resulted in my radio needing recoding and still no working fan. Will have to get it booked into the garage I suppose. Then my brother turned up with a new guitar amp he had just got. A nice VOX with all manner of effects and amp modelling incorporated. Some really nice sounds were there as standard, but I am sure you could play for months with different sounds. Then the Arsenal game, which I managed to watch on tv, but had to subscribe to ESPN in order to do so. Dead easy to subscribe though.

Sunday been reading a lot of ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen R Covey. It’s a very interesting read and I am enjoying it a lot. Now moving on to some more work on the ECA, hopefully, and then I want to do a bit of work on some website articles for the current Chemex Environmental web site, especially regarding TPH, PCB, Ionic Balance and Air analysis. Not sure how far I will get today though. Don’t expect to see any new articles for a few weeks. Should also try to prepare a little for the UKAS audit that we have later this week and some interviews that I will be conducting this week and next.

Going out later this afternoon into Cambridge for dinner, probably Mexican. Then going to try and see ‘Dorian Gray’ at the cinema. It should be good, although how close to the Oscar Wilde story it will be I am unsure. I should really have re-read the story before going to see the film, it has been a while. All in all a pretty busy weekend for me. But fun, so far; And no reason to assume that the rest will not be either!


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