UKAS Audit

Had another couple of busy days, with UKAS visiting the laboratory for our annual adit. Things went very well and all of the staff are to be congratulated on a good job. It is always a very stressful experience, but even more so this year due to changes in the company organisation. This makes it even better that things went so smoothly. Very pleasant auditors, who are always pleased to discuss improvements that can be made in the quality systems that we operate.

I have also been trying to deal with a number of queries today, in between things for the audit. Had a query from a client regarding the EA CLEA SGV guidelines for mercury, where this has introduced limits for different mercury species. Also the GAC where separate guideline values are being used for trivalent chromium, Cr(III), and hexavalent chromium, Cr(VI), and the options that we offer at Chemex Environmental for determining these parameteres.

Pretty tired now after this. Late evenings and early mornings, so looking towards the weekend. Can’t relax yet though as interviews to conduct tomorrow. More on monday too. Then the Anatune chromatography conference tuesday and wednesday next week. This should be good, nice hotel, some interesting talks and the opportunity to meet a number of people from the industry.

Just going to relax this evening now.

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