Anatune Conference finally here.

Very poor nights sleep last night, and the night before. Finishing off stuff early at work this morning, arranging an audit for November with a major multinational. Then finally got away to come to the Anatune Conference at Down Hall Hotel in Essex. The journey was horrendous, but should have been easy. Came down from Cambridge but it was raining so hard that I got lost around Stansted and ended up getting back on the M11 and going down to the Harlow junction. The M11 was moving at about 30-40mph and it was almost impossible to see anything. Eventually got here though. Very nice hotel,beautiful room.

The conference is going well, started off with coffee and lunch, followed by the afternoons technical programme. First talk was about ‘The successful application of stir bar sorptive extraction (Twister) for the trace measurement for different classes of compounds’. The speaker was M. David Benanou, Veolia Water, France. Interesting talk about an extraction procedure (Twister) that I was not familiar with but looks like it could be well worth some investigation. It looks to be relatively straightforward to implement.

The next talk was one that I had been especially interested in hearing, and I was not disappointed. This was ‘New Technology for Air Analysis and Soil Gas Measurements’. The talk was by Dr Daniel Cardin from Entech Instruments Inc, USA and was very ineteresting and well presented. The gist of it was the developments in the use of canisters for air sampling, including Helium Diffusion Sampling, and the new types of canister with inert linings, smaller volumes and even automation to allow transfer to instrumentation.

Next followed a talk about ‘Automated Sample Preparation using the MPS Autosampler with MAESTRO Software Control’, by Mr Frederick Foster from GERSTEL Inc, USA. This was interesting from the point of view of setting up automated procedures, and translating manual procedures into automated ones, andhe spoke well. This was followed by a short break for coffee, where I had the opportunity to talk more to Daniel Cardin about the air sampling vessels and the automsampler system he had on demo.

After coffee was ‘Considering Automated Sample Preparation in the Context of LC-QQQ’ by a very good speaker from Agilent Technologies called Mr John Lee. An interesting talk, but since not really a mass spectroscopist, bits were a bit unfamiliar. The final talk of the afternoon was by Mr Paul Roberts from Anatune on ‘Automating Dispersive Solid Phase Clean Up (QuEChERS) for LC-MS and GC-MS’. An interesting talk and somebody I will probably talk to further regarding the LC-MS system that we are currently waiting to install.

Just filling in a bit of time writing this before pre-dinner drinks followed by the conference dinner. Damn tired though, so not sure how long I will last. I will probably feel better after a couple of drinks anyway.


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