Old friends

Had a great day yesterday. Met up with Mat and Soo who cam up from London to visit. I was at university (UKC in Canterbury) with Mat, which we realised was 20 years ago now (since we started!). Frightening. Went to meet them in StIves then brought them back to mine and we played guitar for a bit, before a fun evening drinking in the village, with a nice Indian for sustenance. Nursing a hangover now, but it was worth it.

Interestingly I also had an email from Nigel from uni days inviting me down to London for beers with himself, Barry and Stuart. A shame that it was the same day as Mat and Soo were coming, any other time would have been great. Still, should be able to arrange something for next time.

Just watching pride and prejudice now, then maybe a bit of work before tomorow.


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