Staff Meeting

Good day at work yesterday (friday), except for feeling rough still. Quite a few queries to deal with, especially as I was off sick for a few days. It’s amazing how quick they stack up. Good staff meeting at Chemex in the afternoon to inform all of the staff of the latest management structure, business ojectives, implementation of an appraisal system, results of the recent staff survey and the initiation of a new employee of the month reward scheme. It was amazingly quick. Nobody asked a single question, other than ‘where are the complimentary cakes?’ Hopefully this is just because it is the first real staff meeting we have had. I am sure that there were questions which will no doubt will come out on a one to one basis. I feel this is important since keeping staff informed and involved in what is happening in the company is crucial. If staff aren’t kept informed, how can they be engaged in what they are doing and feel part of the company and that they will benefit from the future success of it.


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