Back to work

My first day back at work after a weeks holiday today. Felt knackered all day, it’s not healthy having holiday don’t think. Lots of lovely queries and problems to deal with as usual. A couple of meetings too. Looking forward to my apraisal later in the week, then need to sort out the appraisals for my lab supervisors and then arrange for them to appraise their staff.

Had an interesting query regarding chemical oxidation studies for remediating hydrocarbon contamination. This could be an exciting new project, hopefully leading to long term on-going monitoring activities in support.

Finally managed to get shot of my old Audi. A great car, but was just getting too old. A local garage bought it off of me, for a minimal amount of money saying it needed so and so doing etc, but at least they came and picked it up. It is no longer sitting on my drive, where it has been standing for 4 and 1/2 months. Hooray!

Long day at work today trying to deal with loads of stuff. Back home and my Sky tv is still not working. Great. Got to try and work out if it is the dish and LNB or whether it is the decoder. Better do it soon since don’t want to keep paying for it if I cannot watch any tv. Unfortunately I have no normal aerial either so it is the BBC iplayer at the moment – university challenge in a few minutes. I will need to get it sorted before the Arsenal game next tuesday anyway. Still, it lets me get a bit of reading in without the tv to distract me so much.

Busy Busy Busy

As the title says, busy again. Things pretty hectic at work and home. Answering a number of queries today regarding the calculation of compound concentrations from soil gas samples that have been sampled using tenax tubes fitted with diffusion caps. Have been looking at calculations using diffusion coefficients for the BTEX compounds with a colleague. Some interesting maths involving diffusion of compounds and the geometry of the receiving surface.

I am looking into the practicalities of writing a white paper to publish on the company website and possibly even as an article in some of the environmental literature. I will also post a link here if I write it. I want to write about methods of monitoring the efficacy of certain types of bioremediation, in particular the use of Hydrogen Release Compound (HRC) and reductive dechlorination in the bioremediation of chlorinated hydrocarbons. Not sure if I will get this done, but I am intending on having a weeks holiday next week, so may get the chance to at least begin then.

Just been putting a couple of updates on twitter. Nice to see that I have been added to a list related to Chemistry by Perkin Elmer, and that I have a big 24 followers now!!