Busy Busy Busy

As the title says, busy again. Things pretty hectic at work and home. Answering a number of queries today regarding the calculation of compound concentrations from soil gas samples that have been sampled using tenax tubes fitted with diffusion caps. Have been looking at calculations using diffusion coefficients for the BTEX compounds with a colleague. Some interesting maths involving diffusion of compounds and the geometry of the receiving surface.

I am looking into the practicalities of writing a white paper to publish on the company website and possibly even as an article in some of the environmental literature. I will also post a link here if I write it. I want to write about methods of monitoring the efficacy of certain types of bioremediation, in particular the use of Hydrogen Release Compound (HRC) and reductive dechlorination in the bioremediation of chlorinated hydrocarbons. Not sure if I will get this done, but I am intending on having a weeks holiday next week, so may get the chance to at least begin then.

Just been putting a couple of updates on twitter. Nice to see that I have been added to a list related to Chemistry by Perkin Elmer, and that I have a big 24 followers now!!


One thought on “Busy Busy Busy

  1. Leaving a comment so you will know I DID in fact visit your Blog, so many on Twitter have everything automated and don’t really check each other out….they just get this ” How to build your list on auto pilot” ebook then think there gonna get rich LOL, and never become social on the social network! Anyway….Nice blog Julian, I have a blog too if you feel like checking it out http://mobileeyeguy.blogspot.com/ , haven’t posted a new post for awhile…ask me a question and give me a subject, i’ll be glad to answer it


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