General musings

Its been a while. Things have been getting pretty busy again at work, which is a good thing, obviously. I have had little time to work on the new web2 site and have been doing only some very minor amendments to the current site. Still working through the supervisor appraisals. Just got two left to do, but given how busy we are its going to be difficult to find time to do them, and not to take up to much employee time when they have many other things to be doing. Been trying to work on the company newsletter also. I realised that there had not been an issue since December 2008, which is shocking as I intended to do one at least every 3months. Nearly have it sorted now, maybe I will broadcast it out to all of the mailing list members tomorrow and then move it to be the first post new subscribers receive. In our christmas card that we send to clients we have a link to sign up to the newsletter and it would certainly be better if they got something reasonable up to date if they sign up.

I should hopefully receive the reading material for the next module of my Open University course in the next week or two – ‘Business Organisations and their Environments’ . That will be good, since it will give me something to read over christmas – although I expect I will be in at work for most of the holiday. I have been invited out for christmas day to my friend’s, so I won’t need to bother cooking again this year. Excellent. Chemex environmental christmas party in a couple of weeks also, then a few other parties and so on. Everything starts to get busy now, until the end of the year.

I think that I will need to think hard and make a concerted effort to try to come up with a theme and direction for this blog, starting in the new year. It has got to be pretty boring to anyone but myself (well, me too really) just reading the results of my rambling.

7 thoughts on “General musings

  1. Well actually, I have been trying to work up the necessary courage to tell you that I find you rather…exciting. My name is Ionia and I think i may have fallen madly in love with you the very first time I ever ran across this blog. You are everything I am looking for in a husband if you think it might be something you would like to consider. I promise I bite….


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