A Quick Post

I have been off of work sick the last couple of days, with the likelihood that I will also be off for the next couple of days too. Sadly the painkillers that I am taking have left me a bit disinterested and disoriented, making reading difficult. Typical that I have this extra time but not the inclination to read. I suppose it could be the type of books that I am currently reading that is the problem. I am currently reading ‘The Way by Swann’s’ by Proust and Homer’s ‘The Iliad’, both books that need a considerable degree of engagement. Maybe I will have better luck in maximizing my usage of this extra free time if I tackle something a little less complex. I have also been reading ‘The Bourne Legacy’ so I may try prioritizing that for now, until I no longer need the painkillers and can resume normal reading anyway.

Hopefully I can think of a few topics for posts, although all I am really doing at the moment is laying on the sofa watching daytime TV. It sucks being sick!