Today is my birthday. At my age I do not usually bother a great deal about getting yet another year older. Surprisingly this year I have had quite a good day, all the more surprising because I was at work. I usually take the day off. I had a couple of cards from friends and from some of the staff and a bottle of chocolates. My friend also gave me a book ‘102 Ways to Write a Novel’ by Alex Quick. I haven’t had chance to delve into it much but I was pleased to receive it.

Has anyone read this, is it any good?

I also got some money from both my mother and my father and also a nice floor standing light with a separate reading lamp that will be great for reading ion the lounge. The reading lamp just bends over my shoulder and provides fantastic light. In fact I have tried it and should now be able to read without straining my eyes as I have been doing for years.

Not much to report on my reading. Both that and my writing have taken a bit of a dip the last few days. When I get home from work at the moment I just do not seem to feel like doing very much anymore. I have tended to just sit watching the tv feeling guilty that I am not doing something more productive. At least I am still writing a little in my journal each day. I just need to start motivating myself again.

Anyone know any good web sites for writing prompts? I often find these help to kick start me motivationally speaking.

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