A Quick Post

I have been off of work sick the last couple of days, with the likelihood that I will also be off for the next couple of days too. Sadly the painkillers that I am taking have left me a bit disinterested and disoriented, making reading difficult. Typical that I have this extra time but not the inclination to read. I suppose it could be the type of books that I am currently reading that is the problem. I am currently reading ‘The Way by Swann’s’ by Proust and Homer’s ‘The Iliad’, both books that need a considerable degree of engagement. Maybe I will have better luck in maximizing my usage of this extra free time if I tackle something a little less complex. I have also been reading ‘The Bourne Legacy’ so I may try prioritizing that for now, until I no longer need the painkillers and can resume normal reading anyway.

Hopefully I can think of a few topics for posts, although all I am really doing at the moment is laying on the sofa watching daytime TV. It sucks being sick!


I have been a member of the Goodreads site for a couple of years now. This is a little like Facebook for readers. I use this as a means of monitoring my reading and keeping a record of what I have read. I really like the yearly challenges where you challenge yourself to read a certain number of books in the current year. The site is also a good to connect with people that have similar reading interests. Getting recommendations from other members or just ideas from what they are currently reading  is also a nice way to vary your reading habits, and get other people’s views of the books that you enjoy.

I would heartily recommend this site to anyone interested in either reading or writing, since this is also a good forum for getting your work read.

Check out the Goodreads site at http://www.goodreads.com/

Feel free to add me as a friend, just say you have come from the blog.

BBC Book List

A couple of years ago I was tagged in a note on facebook that contained a reading list, that I believe was prepared by the BBC. It was 100 books that everybody should have read. According to the BBC most people would not have read more than 6 of these titles. At the time I had read about 15 and have been working, not exclusively I hasten to add, on reading the remainder of the books on the list. Now, I have finally completed the list, and I would thoroughly recommend following this as a means of expanding the scope of your reading.

I have to admit I had a few reservations about some of the books on the list. However, I have enjoyed almost all of the recommended titles and now have a desire to read other titles by many of these authors. Admittedly some of the books have been challenging, for example ‘Ulysses’ by James Joyce, challenging, but providing a huge sense of achievement when completed. Some of the entries are a little intimidating also, such as the bible or the complete works of Shakespeare. I am sure that the complete works of Shakespeare and the Harry Potter series should not really be considered single entries

I have included the list here (List1) for those people who, like me, find book lists useful. I find that they give me some structure and provide me with exposure to books and authors that I would not perhaps have read otherwise.

I am always introducing my friends to this list, in the first instance usually as an interesting way to see how many they have read, but ultimately to encourage them to read more. I am very much in favour of people reading more, whether it be real, physical books or electronic kindle books. I am sure I will write more about this in the future.

Now that I have finished that list I have moved on to a much more challenging list, based upon my interpretation of the Great books list. Check out the Great books on Wikipedia here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_books

I will post later regarding my progress and more about the list, which seems to expand daily as I include more titles by authors where an entry has been identified purely as works.

A new resolution

Well, is appears that I have not managed to put anything up here for ages – well six months or so. Perhaps I need to make a new years resolution, something I am not keen on doing, to post more regularly on here. I have a lot of things I would like to write about. In particular I would like to blog about the reading that I do and the reading lists that I am working on. I am also interested in writing and have started working on a few things. This is a bit of a miracle since I was always told at secondary school that I had no imagination and could not write (essays). Technically I had little problem, but the imagination side of it always let me down. I preferred to write factual things. I always found a way to turn at least a few of the essay questions in my exams into a means to write factually and so removed the requirement for much imagination.

Nowadays I find that I spend a lot more of my life fantasizing and imagining things (dreaming) and with a little luck my ability to write fiction has improved. I suppose I always liked the truth and could not bring myself to make things up. Now I am older, perhaps more bitter and cynical, I find that making things up is a lot better than facing the truth of real life sometimes.

So, here is what I hope will be the start of a little more regular posting. Maybe I should try to post once or twice a week to start with and then work towards daily posting. Really it should not take a lot of time out of my day. The real struggle will be finding things to write about that might interest anybody other than me. Still, I shouldn’t worry about that. If I write what interests me then people have the choice to read if they are interested, or to not read if they aren’t. Of course any comments, especially positive, constructive ones will always be gratefully received.