I won’t be writing much today, but since I am trying to post at least something every couple of days I wanted to do that. I am getting ready for my trip to London today. I suppose that I make it sound like a big deal, which in some sense it is to me, but in reality it will be fairly easy to travel there. I just need a lift to the station and then the train takes about an hour and I am at Kings Cross. So not too arduous really. I think I make a bigger deal out of it than I should because of my dislike for London generally, or any very big town, but I suppose a lot of this comes from having always lived in the country.

So I am up now and trying to get some writing done and today’s allocation of Proust read before my lift arrives. I must check that I have my notebook, a reading book and the list of books hops that I want to visit, and then I am all set. Oh, maybe I need to ensure I have all of the documents for my meeting too, probably important.

I hope to have a few words to say tomorrow about my trip today, but I also expect that I will not be feeling at my best. Lunch and drinks followed by more drinks will likely leave me feeling very sorry for myself in the morning, but still that often makes it easier to write.

Sorry for the short, boring post!