The Best Laid Plans …

Well, I intended to write about my trip to London on Friday yesterday, but that never happened – the posting that is, the trip went ahead. I had a great day Friday although all my plans to visit some book shops before the meeting kind of fell by the wayside. I didn’t leave until late, caught a slow train and by the time I arrived at Kings Cross I did not have much time for side journeys to bookshops, although I somehow managed to find time for a pint in the Euston flyer on Euston road. Lunch at the Gilbert Scott was amazing. The food was fantastic, the wine excellent and the service brilliant, everyone was so attentive. We even managed to talk some business. I will definitely consider going there again.

After lunch we had a bit of a pub crawl and met up with one of my friends. I did manage to come across a book shop whilst we were moving between pubs. The book shop was Judd’s books which I visited for maybe 10 minutes, although it wasn’t ideal, given the amount of alcohol I had imbibed. It was still interesting although I failed to buy anything. Caught the train back from Kings Cross and was home before midnight, which was kind of unusual. This almost never happens when I have a day in London.

Spent much of yesterday just relaxing although I didn’t seem to have much of a hangover, I just felt tired. Managed to finish my Jason Bourne novel and make some more progress on ‘In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower’ by Proust. In fact I have almost finished the Proust. I think I may have a little break before I start on the next part ‘The Guermantes Way’. I am amazed still at how relevant to my life I am finding Proust, there are so many parts that make me think ”Yes, that’s just so true, I feel exactly the same’. It will be nice to spend the rest of the day reading, and I do not even need to get up too early tomorrow as I have an appointment and am not going in to work.

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