Blog Stats

Why is it that there seems to be little relation between when I make a post and when the most views of my blog appear to take place? Are the stats updated in real time, every hour, at a certain time of day? I suppose that others only read blogs at particular times of the day, but in our online community there are people in a multitude of time zones that would, I expect, negate that effect.

I also find it a little disconcerting when I write what I think is an interesting post and nobody seems to look at it, then I write some inane piece of crap and I get lots of likes. Perhaps my idea of what is a good post doesn’t match other peoples. I admit that sometimes I think I have posted something decent and it is well visited, so this is not always the case. I suppose that it is all about perception. People’s perceptions differ. What may be interesting to me may not be to others.

Do bloggers out there analyse their own stats and see what keywords get the most views and whether there are any temporal patterns to be observed? From the views of my blog, and I freely admit that the sample size is very low, it seems that on Wednesdays and Thursdays there are fewer views than on most other days. Is this kind of analysis, especially with the very low number of views that I currently have of any real use?

What do others think? Is it a useful exercise, or is it something better left until I have a greater number of followers and views? If so, how does one get more followers. I suppose the only answer is to write more interesting posts and post regularly. Maybe commenting on others blogs more would be a good idea. Better use of tags also.

I will have to ponder these questions more, although ultimately it doesn’t really matter, I am enjoying my blogging experience thus far, and that is what truly matters.