What to post?

Well, following on from my previous post it certainly looks like Saturdays are good days in terms of views, which makes sense. People have more time to sit around and read blogs. Top advice to increase blog exposure seems to be to comment lots on others blogs and to follow those that interest you.

I have been pondering what topics to write about recently. What direction to take with this blog. I tend to suffer from a desire to write something insightful every time, resulting in a general failure to succeed. I would love to be able to offer a unique perspective on things, but can never decide what I want to write about.

My main interests currently are reading and writing, although I also play the guitar, and have done so for many years, but it is no longer a true passion, as the others are. I have only very recently become interested in actually writing and am definitely not confident enough, nor really have anything organised enough, to consider posting any of my own writing. So as a topic for posting that is pretty much out of the window. I suppose I could write about the journey that I am taking, learning about writing, and how I am developing. In fact I am sure that as time goes by this will indeed take a more prominent role in future posts.

For now it is more likely that I will write about my adventures in the vast world of reading and books. I am apt to read books from a wide range of genres and really there is nothing that I won’t consider giving a go. I enjoy following recommended book lists as they give me something to work from and a box to tick. I am currently working on a list based on the Great books list. I find that lists can also expand your reading habits, by exposing you to many books and authors that you may never have previously considered. I do not however limit myself to just following a list, or even several lists, and supplement this with random reads that I may find on Goodreads, browsing Amazon, blogs and even books by foreign authors (assuming that they have been translated to English) recommended by colleagues. It is quite interesting to see what books are read at school in other countries during peoples formative years.

Posting what books I am reading and how I am enjoying them is probably the first step, but I am sure is likely to lead to writing reviews on the books that I am reading. I will also recommend lists that I come across that I have found to be well constructed and useful, although this is going to be pretty subjective.

So enough for now, but next time I will look at the books I am currently reading and what I am about to start on.