Book Buying Problem?

Since finishing ‘The Art of Fiction’ I have been progressing nicely with Proust, now that I can devote all of my home reading time to it. I should finish this one by the end of the weekend and be able to start on the next book ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ . I know I said that I was not going to start anything else before I finished ‘The Guermantes Way’ but I have decided to start another book that I will purely read at work. I decided that Proust was too heavy to read at lunchtime, when I invariable get disturbed by other people.  The book that I will be reading is ‘Aspects of the Novel’ by E.M. Forster. I have not read anything by Forster before, although I know of his work. Can anybody recommend any of his novels?

Despite promising myself that I would not buy anymore books for a while I have acquired a few new books. I was happily shopping in Tesco on Sunday for food and somehow a couple of reduced price paperbacks ended up in my trolley. How they got there I do not know! And then later in the day I find myself clicking on buy-now on Amazon and ordering another six titles. I think it is a disease. I have piles of books that I wanted to read before ordering more, ranging from Homer’s Odyssey to some James Patterson thrillers and everything in between. I ended up ordering ‘The Fortune of the Rougons’ by Emile Zola, part of the Rougon Macquart cycle of twenty novels. I have read ‘Germinal’ which is one of them, from a reading list I was following, and I really enjoyed it so thought I would start to work on the whole lot. Apparently each of the novels in the cycle will stand alone although Zola did provide a recommended reading order. Naturally I will need to finish ‘A la recherche du temps perdu’ by Proust first before starting ‘Les Rougon Macquart’ by Zola.

Not satisfied with just one book I managed to come away having order seven. I included a couple of books by authors whose blogs I have been looking at recently, and I fully intend to get around to checking out works by more of the bloggers  that I come across, especially those that comment on my posts or follow me, although I do not have access to a kindle so will pretty much always be looking for hard copy versions. To start I have purchased ‘High’ by Corey M.P and ‘Jazz’ by Cristian Mihai. I also bought Sophocles plays and ‘Twenty Three Tales’ by Tolstoy. When I will fit them in I doubt know, but I will get round to all of them eventually. I think I will have to disable my Amazon account and lock myself in the house for a few months to curb my book buying habit.