Kick Start

Since being nominated for the prestigious Sunshine Award my mind has typically been devoid of anything resembling an interesting topic to post. Not only that I have found little to write about in other areas. To kick start the creative process I tried lying down on my bed in total darkness and just thinking of nothing. Mostly all I managed to achieve was to nearly fall asleep, followed by almost blinding myself when I did finally turn on the light and sit down to write. In fairness I did have a few ideas about how to proceed with my latest project, so some use came of it.

On another note, I subscribed to The Writer Magazine in a dull moment during my Christmas break from work and have finally received the first copy. I am going to peruse that during the adverts whilst watching television, as I find that watching television is pretty much all I feel like doing on a Friday night after a hard week at work. If it is any good I will let you know. Out of interest has any read this magazine before? Anyone found it to be useful?

Plans for the weekend? Mostly catching up on some reading. I am doing well with Proust. Then out for a meal and a few drinks with a friend in Cambridge on Saturday night. Sunday will be all about the Tottenham-Arsenal game.

11 thoughts on “Kick Start

  1. Motivation sometimes is the hardest thing to come by especially when writing is involved. I’m just glad I always have something going on to write about. Also once an idea is in my head, I hurry up and write something about it so I don’t forget it (I try to at least).


      • Unless your like Jay-z or something haha. I find my best material comes when I’m driving to work or something. Unfortunately, I always forget to record what I say during those times…


  2. Thanks for visiting my new writing blog. I find that new ideas pop into my head when I am not trying to think of them.


  3. I’ve bought a few editions of the Writing Magazine. Lots packed in and enough to provide some inspiration or help on whether to go the self-published route or not. I subscribe to the Writers’ Forum and I think both are about the same. I do like to know what’s going on so feel a need to read one or the other.

    I have to ask whether you were happy or sad after the North London Derby? As a Liverpool fan, I was hoping for a draw, but we’re now used to relying on other results to boost our league position 😉


    • I was devastated Pete, so an Arsenal fan. I think that we are now in the same kind of position as Liverpool – others results can feel more important than our own almost, and affect us as much.


      • I hope we exact some revenge for you this weekend. I get a sneaking feeling Bale will not let us do that, but I can live in hope. Even if it is deluded 🙂


      • Good luck, I will be cheering you on. Bale’s form has got to dip soon, why not Sunday? There is nothing wrong with delusion. It is all that keeps me going sometimes 🙂


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