Book Four Finished

I had intended for today to be a highly productive day of  reading. I was up early writing, revelling in the vistas of the overnight snow. Snow was still falling gently, but was never going to settle. Most peaceful.

However, a trip over to my mother’s house for mother’s day (today being mother’s day in the UK) and then the inevitable lure of the television led to my being somehow totally side-tracked. It is still my goal to get the final part of Proust’s ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ finished today, so I will get off and try to get that done before finishing this post …

And I have finished, finally. Now to start on the 800 pages of the next book, the combined volumes of ‘The Captive’ and ‘The Fugitive’. I will be back at work tomorrow after a day and half off sick, then the weekend, where I was able to get a reasonable amount of reading done. Things will slow down again now I am back at work, so another few weeks before I finish this book I imagine.

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