Another Title (and Scrivener)

Unfortunately I am off work again today sick. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to have days off work, but I prefer them to be holiday days. A sick day is generally not great. For a start, I feel sick, so not much fun there, and then I also feel guilty for not being at work. It always puts increased pressure on others when you are off sick, and I do not like that, although you have to get better, I know.

The dodgy title here is because I can never think of good titles for blog posts. I know a good title should be descriptive of the post content, but when I am just musing, and let’s be honest, in this case, just generally complaining, I cannot think of anything appropriate.

As always, not being at work should afford the opportunity for increasing the available reading time, but feeling sick, and a bit spaced out from the painkillers really ends up in meaning that I probably get less reading done that usual. SO a sick day is not really much of a win for me.

I have also downloaded Scrivener as a tool to aid management of writing projects, and am currently working through the tutorial. So far I am quite impressed and can see many ways in which this software could be useful. In particular, as a general content management tool to allow research composed of different file types to be stored together with text, it should be very helpful. The ability to view different types of content from within the same interface, and concurrently is very handy. I have just added the parenthetical part of the title to try to make it more descriptive of the post content. See what I mean about my poor titling skills!

Has anyone else tried this software? What do people think about it?

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