Long Week

It has been a while since I have posted. It seems that after an initial burst of posting nearly every other day, things have settled down to a rate of maybe twice a week. Ideally I would like to post a little more often, but then I have enough trouble coming up with things to write as it is.

It has been my first full week back at work for a while. It is surprising  just how tired I am now feeling. It has been a bit of a shock to the system. At least the next two weeks will only be four day weeks, with the Easter bank holidays in between. A fairly lazy weekend is planned. I want to relax for a bit. No real plans, just carrying on with my current reading tasks. I am getting on well with Proust’s ‘The Captive’, which I should finish tomorrow, before I then start on ‘The Fugitive’. I should also get a bit of time to do some writing. I have had a glut of small ideas lately and want to try expanding some of them a little to see if there is any mileage in pursuing them further.

So here’s to a relaxing weekend. I hope you all achieve what you wish this weekend.