Another Night Out and Topping and Company Booksellers

I had another night out last night with a friend from work. Just down to the local for a few beers and a good chat. I had a fun time and managed to unwind after a hectic week at work. As I noticed, and posted about last time that I went out for beers, the mild hangover that I had this morning seemed to lead to some very free flowing writing. I am beginning to think that I may need to investigate this phenomenon further, including running extensive field studies naturally!

On another note, I received an email newsletter which I subscribe to, from a local bookshop a couple of days ago. The bookshop is called Topping and Company Booksellers. I have never actually visited this shop, to my shame, as it is only about twelve miles away. They appear to have branches in Bath and also one in Ely, which is the one that I live closest to. Anyway, this bookshop run a series of book events year round and the newsletter was highlighting the Spring events. There were a couple of authors featured that will be coming to speak that I am interested in seeing. These are Audrey Niffenegger and Margaret Atwood.  I do not know a great deal about either author, although I have read ‘The Time Travellers Wife’ and ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, so I thought that these would be interesting events to attend. Hopefully I can read a few more of their works before the events.

12 thoughts on “Another Night Out and Topping and Company Booksellers

  1. I have a book, I would like you to read it and I will send it to you for free. I’m not sending it purely because I think you will like it – of course not – I am sending it because I also want you to review it, at the very least mention it, when you’ve finished reading. it is called ‘Dark Wisdom’ and is written by me… my subconscious and my invisible friend. Let me know if you wish this to be so… and I will email it to you in pdf.


    • I do not mind having a look. I would be honoured in fact. I do not know when I would get around to it though as I have a number of books on the go at the moment. I will certainly mention it after reading and give my honest opinion. If those terms are ok with you I would be very pleased to read it.


  2. I have seen Margaret Atwood speak on television…she is an amazingly brilliant writer and thinker with a voice that will drive you into a coma…she is parodied across Canada for her monotone.

    But again, she is an amazing thinker, even if I don’t always agree with her positions on topics of the day.

    Just wanted you to be warned that listening to her will require some effort.


  3. I never get a hangover (that’s not a good way to endear myself to anyone, I know), but when anything shuts me down to single threaded cranial processor only, I write better so you’re probably on to something. There must be some way to recreate the effect without alienating your liver though. Mallet to the head? Turning the heat up to desert temperature? Mallet is the cheaper and more eco friendly option of course. Just a thought 😉


    • I like your thought process, and certainly I do not want to have to drink to write. Not that there aren’t many examples of those that dedicated their lives to the dual purposes of drinking and writing. I am not sure about the mallet to the head though. Perhaps further exploration of methodologies is in order. It would be unfair on my liver not to look for alternatives 🙂


      • The mallet would probably destroy fewer brain cells so it’s hard to be sure whether it would indeed be as effectual as a steaming hangover. Your liver will thank you for seeking other means. And your publisher when you’re not all sallow with a big red nose on your publicity shot 😉


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