One Book or Two?

Just a short post today. If I don’t write something then I will start to get out of the habit of regularly posting. My posting schedule has already begun to spread out and posting has become less regular.

It has been a tiring week at work again, and my reading schedule has become more and more difficult to achieve. I suppose going out for a curry last night with an old friend, and my imminent trip to London tomorrow will not help with the reading. I suppose I will have some additional opportunities on the train tomorrow, at least on the way there. It is most unlikely that I will be able to focus on anything on the way back. It is going to be that sort of day. Lunch then meeting old university friends to spend the rest of the day trawling around a number of pubs until late evening. It is only once in a while, and always enjoyable, so I am sure it is ok.

Completing Proust has been held up of course, and it looks like I will not finish the last book ‘Time Regained’ and the series for at least another week. This is partly because I do not ever seem to be able to read just one book at a time. I tend to have at least four or five on the go at the same time.Unless of course I find something impossible to put down. I think I just enjoy the variety of reading multiple books.

What about other people? Do you tend to read a number of books at the same time, or do you like to concentrate on reading one book, then move on to the next? Let me know in the comments.