University Friends and a Mouse

I had an enjoyable day yesterday in London. First my father brought around some literature study guides for a few classic novels. Always interesting to accompany reading the actual books. Then armed with my notepad and pen, and a writing magazine I caught the train to London. I met a friend at Kings Cross station and we went to a Krishna vegetarian restaurant in Soho, Govinda’s. That was an interesting experience, and something I had wanted to try for quite some time. After that we went and met some more friends and spent the rest of the day sampling the delights of a number of London’s finest drinking establishments. It was nice to meet up with friends from my university days. It is interesting to see how people have changed, especially people that at one point in your life you spent a lot of time with, and in some cases even shared houses with. In my case I then lost contact for almost fifteen years, only recovered as a result of connection on Facebook. So it does have its uses. The evening ended up in a small vodka bar. Very messy! Very fun!

Unfortunately I woke up very early this morning unable to sleep, so I have been exhausted most of the day. And then, in the midst of my self-inflicted misery (also known as a bad hangover) I spotted a mouse in my larder. Now I am not keen on mice. Truthfully they make my skin crawl. So I was not happy. Not something I was really in the right frame of mind to deal with. I decided however, that since he wasn’t paying rent, not contributing to the mortgage, that he had to go. There can be no freeloaders here. I had to then go out and find a humane trap. I may not like mice, but I didn’t want to kill it. Then I (well my father, who fortunately was visiting) cleared out the cupboard and found its nest, empty. It looks as though it had come in through an air brick and had hopefully been scared back outside so we blocked up the holes and then left the trap there. We’ll have to see if it appears.

So the upshot is that I have managed almost no writing today, and a correspondingly small amount of reading. Not the day I had planned. Still, it made for an interesting weekend.