Blogger of the week

I was amazed to see that Ionia had picked me as her blogger of the week. This is such an honour and I am so grateful and proud. I just had to reblog this, not that I have ever reblogged anything so this may or may not work. Thanks again Ionia.

readful things blog

This week’s blogger of the week is Julian Froment. Julian is one of my favourite bloggers. He shares my love of reading and classic literature and always has an interesting and thoughtful perspective on what he reads. He is not a psychotic blog poster like I am so, if you follow him you will get only no nonsense posts when he actually has something important to say. (So sorry all of you…really.)

Also, I owe Julian for listening to me prattle on senselessly about what I am reading. He is a good listener as well. Go drop him a line and say hello. Here is his site:

*An Unfortunate but apparently necessary side note. I have had a couple of emails now where relatively new bloggers are asking if they can be featured on Readful Things Blogger of the Week. While I would love to accommodate everyone’s wish, I…

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