Real World or Online World?

Writing my first post since receiving the honour of appearing as Ionia’s blogger of the week I find myself suffering from a touch of nerves. Expectations have been raised. Am I up to the challenge? Well I suppose we will find out, but please bear with me if I stumble a little.

I have been pondering the amount of time that I spend online lately.

There seem to have been a number of recent posts, including another of Ionia’s exceptional posts (I do read other bloggers too, by the way) regarding how easy it is to find ourselves addicted to certain aspects of our online lives. Many of us that blog find ourselves waiting for likes and comments, or constantly checking our stats, then over analysing them. Why did that great post I wrote only get a few visits whereas the garbage, throwaway post, that was surely of no interest to anyone else, got loads of visits, likes and comments? Have I got any more followers?

Sometimes I feel like I am getting sucked in to the online world, drawn into the labyrinth without the benefit of Ariadne’s thread. I find myself spending more and more time each day looking at other peoples blogs, thinking about what I can post next. But, I love it. It is so great to meet other people and to get to know them through their posts, or if you are very lucky by trading comments. I sometimes wonder is there any way back out, but then do I actually want to escape?

The only problem with this is that I spend less time each day reading or writing. There has a been a noticeable decline in the number of books that I am reading, and in the speed at which I get through them.

Is it possible to be half in and half out or do we need to be either in or out? I think that we can successfully negotiate the online world, just visiting, but always returning to the real world. I will have to be strong and try to limit my excursions into the online world.

What about you? Real World? Online World? Or a bit of both?