Another Sunshine Award


What started as a great week for me, with appearing as blogger of the week on Ionia Martin’s readfulthingsblog, has also ended on a high with a nomination from createdbyrcw for the sunshine award. Many thanks to him for this, and for the kind words in his post.

So without further ado, here are the rules, in outline.

Post the Sunshine Award logo.

Accept the nomination and link back to the nominator (above).

Answer the questions.

Nominate ten other blogs and inform them of the nomination.

So, the questions and answers:

Favourite colour: Black

Favourite animal: Tropical fish, particularly the big and ugly Oscar

Favourite number: Two

Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Coffee

Favourite alcoholic drink: Port

Facebook or Twitter: Was Facebook last time I received this award, but my allegiance has changed to twitter.

My passions: Reading and writing obviously, but it used to be playing the guitar in, my younger days.

Giving or receiving gifts: Both

Favourite city: Cambridge, UK

Favourite TV shows: Castle, Black Books, Burn Notice, Early Seasons of House – the later ones got a bit silly

And here are my nominees. These are all blogs that I enjoy regularly. I hope that they all accept.

Chris McMullen

A New Writer’s Life and Times

Creative Mysteries

Intriguing Readings

Interesting Literature

The Matilda Project

Ashley Calvani

Hayley Vornholt

Thoughts from a Cluttered Mind


Congratulations to all of my nominees, and thanks once again to createdbyrcw for my nomination.