Holiday Progress

So far on my holiday I have managed to get up early every day and get writing early. I have surprised myself and have actually managed to write every day and complete the schedule that I have set up for each day of my holiday. In addition, which is even more surprising, I have also left the house every day so far, for at least an hour. Normally I would spend the entire time reading or writing and probably only set foot outside of the house maybe twice during the course of a week’s holiday, mostly to get groceries.

I went into Ely this morning to pick up a copy of Raven Girl by Audrey Niffenegger. I will be seeing her speak tomorrow night and need to prepare. I neglected to pick up a copy when I collected the ticket and so had to make a special journey this morning, early, so as to avoid people as much as possible. I got the price of the ticket for the talk discounted from the cost of the book which was nice. I just need to read it before tomorrow evening now. I have just finished ‘Her Fearful Symmetry’ so I should then be primed for the talk, having read everything of hers that I want to.

So far the holiday is going well. I have got plenty of writing done, some reading and now I am having to do a few chores such as mow the lawn. Still, I suppose they have to be done some time. I would rather be reading though. I should really get myself a t-shirt that says ‘I would rather be Reading’ on it. I wonder if they are available. Anyone seen one? I could get one printed if not.

I will update you on the Niffenegger talk before the end of the week hopefully. I am looking forward to it immensely.

Now I am off to finish, well start really, the chores. I suppose mowing the lawn in the sun won’t be all bad.