Reblogging vs Original Posts

Amazing! From my post calendar it looks like I have posted for the last six days in a row. One more post tomorrow and it will be a full week. I can hardly believe it. Well I can. I sadly know that most of those were reblogs and very few were original posts. Needless to say, although I am going to say it anyway, I have finally, after only five months or so, discovered that  reblog button sitting tantalisingly there at the top of my browser. And I just had to press it didn’t I.

So, I was wondering whether there was some sort of Golden Ratio of original posts to reblogs that exists. Mad idea, I know. I don’t want to allow myself to just keep taking the easy option, reblogging other people’s posts. However, sometimes there is just that perfect post, you know the one, that one right there that you wished more than anything you had written. A work of pure genius, or at the very least, damn funny. Either that or one that provides such vital information that you genuinely believe you cannot deprive your followers of it. In this case of course it is your duty to help it proliferate.

The original purpose of this blog was to encourage me to write more. To help me improve my writing and possibly, and that is a big possibly, launch it into the world, sharing it with others. To share my thoughts, scary. Well, that is still the goal, but until that I reach that point I will try to find a happy medium between reblogs and original posts. Hey, what do you know, an original post today.

24 thoughts on “Reblogging vs Original Posts

  1. I don’t repost at all, because it doesn’t necessarily fit with the format of my blog, but I do share them on Facebook/Twitter or Linked-In, depending on the audience, etc. I have been tempted though!


  2. I think it depends on whether or not the reblogs match the type of blog you have. If you have a blog about writing, frequently reblogging posts from a sit about jeep parts might be a bit odd. I do realise that it also might be easier for some people to reblog than write a post but still keep their blog functioning. Oh blast it. What I am trying to say is that I am not going to let you reblog every dat rather than write. You are an aspiring writer Julian and I am a member of your audience just write lol


  3. I wouldn’t worry about it. There are some days I do more reblogging than blogging because of the posts. There are posts of awesome and fellow authors promoting something, which requires reblogging. Besides, one reblog can lead to a returned favor down the road.


    • Absolutely, there are a lot of great posts out there. You do however have a good ratio of original to reblogged posts in general. As long as there are some original posts I think reblogging is ok – but that is just how I want it to work for me, for others all reblogs may be fine. Tt depends what you want out of your blog I suppose.


  4. I reblog a lot, mostly because I tend to reblog any free giveaways that I come across. I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you; I don’t think there’s any “golden ratio”, as such.


  5. I have never reblogged, I have thought of it, but… I would rather write a post and “link” to whatever it was and talk about what I thought/got out of the post… (to me, reblogging is cheating when I want to try to “write” regularly)
    I too will share them on facebook and twitter though! When I find encouraging things, I want to share with everyone.


  6. I’ve never used the reblog function although it’s been tempting lately. Like a commenter above, I’d rather write my own original post, provide my view, and link back to the blogger’s post. But the reblog function has its uses also.


  7. A nice mix of reblogging and original work is just fine. We don’t all follow the same writers so if you come across something that moves you written by another writer I think it is perfectly fine to share it with the rest of us, just don’t let it become a substitute for creating original works. It certainly sounds like you won’t be letting that happen anyway so write and reblog to your hearts content. 🙂


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