Useful Distractions from Writing

So you have been writing for an hour or so, when you find yourself just sitting staring into space, or out of the window. The ideas have stopped, the flow of words has been halted. It is time for a break. What do you do to try to clear your mind? How do you try to return to that position of constructively writing again?

I like to go and do something different, although I favour something with a creative bent to it. I will usually go and play the guitar for a bit. Others may like to go into the garden and pull up a few weeds or do the washing up. Usually after a few minutes my mind is clearer and whatever was stopping me from writing has resolved itself.

I guess what I am really asking though is, what do you do when you are lacking creativity and need a boost?

As a follow up to yesterdays post, I have reblogged something and written this today. Best of both worlds!

Blogging and Writer’s Insecurity

Interesting post. Who are we writing for?



Edit: This post is now subtitled:

You’re Not Your F%$^ing Blog Stats!

I’ve noticed something. Blogging is a microcosm of the emotions I have about writing in general. This is probably a good thing, because having the blog is helping me deal with my insecurities in small bites, a few at a time rather than being inundated all at once if I just went out and attempted to publish my book without the blog.

Writer Insecurity #1: What if no one wants to read my stuff?

It’s only human to be frustrated when you have something to say and no one to listen. You ever have a really good idea and then try to take it to a friend, coworker or spouse and have them just respond as with a “Ok, sure,” and a shrug? It’s demoralizing when your great idea does not generate the same enthusiasm in other people.

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