Useful Distractions from Writing

So you have been writing for an hour or so, when you find yourself just sitting staring into space, or out of the window. The ideas have stopped, the flow of words has been halted. It is time for a break. What do you do to try to clear your mind? How do you try to return to that position of constructively writing again?

I like to go and do something different, although I favour something with a creative bent to it. I will usually go and play the guitar for a bit. Others may like to go into the garden and pull up a few weeds or do the washing up. Usually after a few minutes my mind is clearer and whatever was stopping me from writing has resolved itself.

I guess what I am really asking though is, what do you do when you are lacking creativity and need a boost?

As a follow up to yesterdays post, I have reblogged something and written this today. Best of both worlds!

28 thoughts on “Useful Distractions from Writing

  1. I think getting up and moving around helps, though I usually have to force myself to do it. Either exercising or even just going and doing something around the house (laundry, etc) clears my head enough to break the lapse in creativity. Often just walking away for 30 minutes helps me a lot.


  2. Long walk, baby. Nothing like it. Extra points for bringing along your ipod, pretending your characters are singing/playing the song, and then rationalizing why they would be doing that.


  3. Unfortunately, my favorite place to go when the writing bug stalls is the fridge. Fortunately, it’s worst offending resident is a block of cheese! Otherwise, I go online, play with the cats or go for a walk. As others have said, that really clears the mind, and I find music very inspiring!


  4. As you may have guessed, my alter-art is photography, which I find incredibly helpful when I am feeling creatively blocked with my writing.
    On one level, I am sure that it is simply a matter of getting outside and getting both exercise and fresh air, but from another perspective, it is seeing stories that are already present, but not yet recorded.
    Alternatively, I work on mundane “regular life” chores–grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry–which seems to give my creative batteries a chance to recharge. A rest between creative reps, if you will.
    Am actually hoping to engage in both today, so wish me luck.


  5. I don’t have blank moments – but that may be because I write like a dervish when the mood strikes and do other things when it isn’t present – – so I guess, I catch up on housework, laundry and outside projects on those days when I can’t think of a single thing to say…which are few and far between and is why my house is a mess, the landscaping project is just starting instead of being completed and clean laundry has yet to be put away….


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