Shparkles: An interview with the modern vampire

This is just brilliant – I love it!

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Lately I have had a dry spell with finding interesting guests to interview, so when these two guys offered, there was no way I was going to turn them down.

One of them doesn’t mind being called out by name. The other, he’s a bit shy, or afraid of breaching his contract or something, so we will just refer to him as Modern Vampire, or MV for short.

So here they are, please welcome them but don’t go so far as to stick out your neck for them. I couldn’t live with that kind of responsibility.

Dracula:In my day being a vampire meant you were cold (literally,) callous and you only cared about yourself. What is with this new attitude of falling in love with mortals and resisting the urge to bite them?

MV: Uh, in case you haven’t noticed, times have changed a bit since then. We vampires…

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What month is it?

I had a bit of a shock when I arrived home this evening. I thought I had wandered into a wormhole or something, experienced some sort of temporal displacement. As far as I was aware it was May, Springtime. Obviously I was mistaken, it must be January. I got out of the car and found, to my surprise what looked like snow, all along the bottom of the wall of my house. I touched it. It felt cold and wet like snow does, but how could it be here, in May. Then all of a sudden it started to hail quite heavily. I then realised that the ‘snow’ was probably the remains of an earlier hail shower that I had missed. But hail in May? What’s that all about then? It isn’t even that cold here at the moment.

I went into the house and I could hear the sound of it battering down on the roof and windows. I quite like the sound, but I can’t get over the randomness of the weather at the moment. It’s mad!

Finally it has stopped. I was hoping for nice weather tomorrow as I am going out for the day to start the bank holiday weekend off. Looks like rain probably. Oh well. You can’t let the weather stop you doing what you want to do.