Bestiary of Blatherhorn Vale by Charles E Yallowitz

This is one of the very few ebooks that I have actually bought, much preferring the feel of a solid book in my hands. However, having already read ‘Beginning of a Hero’ by Charles Yallowitz, author of the excellent blog Legends of Windemere, I decided to acquire the Bestiary of Blatherhorn Vale, sooner, rather than later. I was not disappointed.

This is a wonderful collection of poems about the creatures that inhabit Blatherhorn Vale. The variety of wildlife in this area is immense and could likely only survive in somewhere as remote and inaccessible as Blatherhorn Vale, where they are undisturbed by human activity. The book provides an astonishing variety of descriptions of these creatures.

I really enjoyed reading this. I loved the design of the book, the cover art really giving the feel that the book had been through a lot. As battered and torn as it is, it must have taken immense effort to recover this revealing notebook. Whether these are true notes or the ramblings of a madman? I think I will choose to believe in their authenticity and that these wondrous creatures do indeed exist in the mysterious land of Blatherhorn Vale.

If you like thoughtful, imaginative descriptions of wondrous, mythical creatures, then this is certainly one for you. A most enjoyable read. It is also short enough that it can be read in one sitting allowing you to truly appreciate the imagination that went into creating all of these creatures.