Reading progress

Only a short post today, but I promised myself I would write something before any original posts get completely swamped by the reblogs. My reading has been going quite slowly lately and I am still working my way through Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’ and Raymond E Feist’s ‘Magician’s End’. Still waiting to start Zola’s ‘The Fortune of the Rougon’s’, and I have a few other books I am eager to get round to, including Alexander Pope’s ‘The Rape of the Lock’, but more on those later.

Even when the reading is going slowly, I still find myself buying more and more books. I think it is a kind of disease, but fortunately not one I feel I need to worry much about. Certainly it’s not one worth worrying the doctor about (the psychiatrist? Well maybe.) The only problem I have is finding the space to put these new acquisitions, since most of them are actual books, made of paper and all shiny and new. Either that or they are old and battered with the tell-tale marks of their exciting journey through time, from the moment they were published to their final resting place on my book shelves. Admittedly there is also the odd ebook (that I cannot get a hard copy of) that I read on the PC, since I have still not sunk to the depths of purchasing an actual kindle.

Well, there you have it. Like I said, little else to say today. Have a good day, I am off to read.

10 thoughts on “Reading progress

  1. Best of luck…it is hard enough, sometimes, to make the time necessary to truly enjoy literature, let lone some of the daunting literature you have chosen.
    I too have resisted the urge to purchase an e-reader, and so my home is swamped with tomes, as I recently blogged. But for me, reading is about the senses as much as the mind. I want to feel the heft of the book, smell the pages (either freshly inked or agedly musted), eagerly anticipate the next word on the flipped page.


  2. Is it the Kindle itself that you don’t like or ebook readers in general? Just asking, because if it’s the Kindle, then you might want to consider a Kobo. I have one and although it’s a little quirky, I like that the company has a commitment to independent bookstores and that its software is open-source. The problem with reading on the PC is that it can really mess up your eyes. Occasionally I’ll read for a few minutes on my iPad, but even that tires my old eyes. The Kobo (and even the Kindle) is a lot easier on the eyes with E-ink technology. That said, my husband and I can’t seem to quit our habit of buying two printed books for every one that we donate to the library. I know I will never prefer an ebook to a real book 🙂


    • It is the whole e-reader thing. As Randy pointed out in a previous comment, reading to some us involves all of the senses, and e-readers do not provide that. However, our advice on the Kobo is interesting as I am sure that I will eventually cave in and would certainly prefer something with open source software. Thanks for commenting.


      • Yup and that’s why I don’t believe that print books will ever go out of favor. Ebooks can’t compete with the feel, color and texture of printed books. For me, ebooks are simply a convenience that allows me to carry my library around, which means I usually have both a printed copy and ebook copy of the books I read 🙂


  3. Julian this is absurd. You need to buy a kindle and give a try. It is the perfect solution to the problem of cluttering up your house with too many books, which I have done for years. It is wonderful for travelling or reading outside in the sun. And it means you don’t have to go to a bookshop to get the next book, you can have it delivered instantly, by magic.

    Having said all that I still buy hardback history books, because the glossy pictures and maps are much better. But for novels, which you’re probably never going to read twice, the kindle is perfect.


    • I do not see the books as clutter. They are prized possessions. I am sure a kindle will come in good time, and I agree that for travelling they are a great idea. Other than that, not yet!


  4. I’m a book addict, too! I just bought a bunch at a used book store yesterday even though I have a plethora of books on my Nook & bookshelf to read that I haven’t yet. I prefer actual books to e-books, too.


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