School Report

School report

So I was rooting through some books earlier and I found this old school report, one my first, tucked in amongst them. It is from Christmas 1975, when I was five. In case you cannot read it well from the image above, it says:

‘Julian reads well and shows understanding of number work. He is able to write one or two simple sentences but his written work is often spoiled because it is so dirty and untidy. He likes to help, is friendly with the other children and joins in all class activities’

What has changed? I still read well, in my opinion, and understand numbers, as much as one can, without getting into philosophical and logical concepts. I can still only write one or two simple sentences and my handwriting is so scruffy as to be almost illegible. I suppose I could still be considered friendly, but I am not really a joiner in of activities so much nowadays.

How well do your old school reports reflect you as an adult? I may have been a bit tongue in cheek about mine, but in reality I think it is still a fair assessment of me as an adult, although I hope my abilities have improved in some areas.

I would love to hear other people’s views on their old school reports.


10 thoughts on “School Report

  1. Penmanship was always a sticking point with my teachers. If I went by my old reports it would say ‘Satisfactory’ all the time, but I think I’m better than that.

    You know, horrible handwriting is mandatory for any type of doctor. πŸ˜‰


    • Absolutely. I was going to say ‘I should have been a doctor’ but didn’t want to get accused of stereotyping, or just being rude.

      Satisfactory is just that word they use when they cannot be bothered to be more creative. I think you are better than that and often teachers do put these things to spur us into action. I was told I would never get a CSE (lower level exams at 16 in England at the time) in maths and then proceeded to do a degree in physics using a lot of maths that my school teachers would never have heard of. I don’t think we should ever worry too much about what our teachers thought of us πŸ™‚


      • I always found satisfactory a funny ‘grade’. It really means you did enough, but there is room for improvement. Yet, it was the highest part of the grading scale in elementary school.


  2. My mom has a piece of paper from my early childhood in my handwriting that says, “Someday I will be a physicist.” I don’t remember writing that. I don’t even remember knowing what physics was back in grade school. It sort of makes me afraid to see other things that I or my teachers may have written about me back then. πŸ™‚


  3. I found a box of my old school papers after my Dad passed away –
    After looking at all my elementary report cards, I decided somewhere along the line, I gave up being a kiss-arse and started being a rebel- – LOL


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