Creative Writing Tip: Read Outside Your Genre

As always I applaud anything that suggests reading more.

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

1179701_old_books_2While reading in your genre is a wonderful tip–in fact, it’s very necessary–for any author, today I want to explore the benefits I’ve received from reading outside my genre: specifically, the benefits I’ve gotten, as a writer, from reading literary fiction and classic British detective fiction (looking your way, Agatha Christie)

As you all know, I’m a fantasy writer. I write sword and sorcery fantasy, and I have a blast doing that.

I also read a lot of fantasy, as is evident if you read my fiction. My magic system in Herezoth (for full-blooded sorcerers, at least) is a lot like magic in Harry Potter, except it isn’t wand dependent and is affected not only by genetics, but by the extent to which your bloodline has used those powers through the generations.

Still, a number of my greatest literary influences don’t come from fantasy. Reading outside your genre will help…

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