Homer and Greek Gods


I have now, finally, completed Homer’s, ‘The Odyssey’, and having completed ‘The Iliad some time back I am quite satisfied with my progress. As I did with ‘The Iliad’, I have been having a few problems with the names of the gods. Surely in a Greek epic it would make sense to use the Greek names for the gods, but no, they had to use the Roman ones. I guess that this is because George Chapman’s translation was based on an earlier Latin translation.

So for a little light relief after finishing these epics, and they certainly are, I decided to muse on which of the Greek gods, which Olympian, I would consider my favourite. Would it be one of the big three, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, or one of the others. Then I thought that I would ask you guys which one was your favourite and why, so here’s mine.

My favourite has to be Poseidon (Neptune) purely because I have always been drawn to water in general, and the sea in particular. He’s pretty good with oceans, and I could do with his help at the moment. He also has a pretty fancy trident, that I would just love to be able to stroll around town with, although I am sure the law would take a pretty dim view of it.

Anyway who is your favourite Greek God and why?