Another Complaint

I received another complaint about my blog yesterday from Ionia. This has begun to become rather a common place occurrence. Sadly it is another legitimate comment, as usual. This one was regarding the tagline associated with my blog. Essentially I have been far too lazy to have ever bothered to change it from the default of β€˜JUST ANOTHER WORDPRESS.COM WEBLOG’.

This led me to thinking about what I could change it to that would be more descriptive of either the content of my blog or of me in general. I had a few ideas, but I am really quite undecided about what to change it to. I thought that I would get the opinion of you guys to help me out. I have put a few suggestions below and would like to get your comments on which you think would be the best line to use. Feel free to suggest alternatives in the comments also.

So a few crap suggestions from me, I do hope you can come up with something better:


My Reading Experiences

This, that and the other

The F!*?ing Englishman

The Ravings of a Madman


Please help me!

51 thoughts on “Another Complaint

  1. I have that, too. I kind of like this humble tag line. Mine is just another WP blog. πŸ™‚ But now you had to get me thinking about it. I will surely louse it up with something worse now…


    • Yes, it is not something I had really bothered about before, but I guess now I have to make a few changes.

      I am sure you will come up with something brilliant Chris, but failing that, cheat like me and get everyone else to think of great ideas for you.


    • I am not sure there is anything unique and valuable about my blog, except perhaps my enthusiasm for literature and desire to encourage others, especially the young to read.

      The followers I would like to attract are those that are interested in literature but maybe need that extra push to actually to find the love of literature and the respect for books that I have.


  2. Through the Reading Glass of a Mad Englishman, I like this one in consideration of the followers you wish to attract. You are unique and valuable. That is enough. I think Green Embers offers a tag line that says, “I am an experienced reader, like to have fun, and be funny sometimes or get a little weird.” I think that would be attractive for drawing an element of humor into something that you are serious about. I wish i could offer you five witty examples, but please, my tagline is A journey into Social Progress with S. K. Nicholls (What is social progress anyhow? Social media exploration?)) and my site name is mybrandofgenius only because I could think of anything and my husband typed it in as a joke.


    • Thanks for that. I quite like Green Embers suggestion. I suppose a tag line that is at least a little descriptive of things people may find on my blog is a good idea, I have just never really bothered about it.


  3. “Another Bloody Englishman with another F**king Opinion regarding Classical Literature?”
    Hey! You started it….
    (And educate me, should I have inserted asterisks in the ‘bloody’?)

    I agree with the others – your goals for you blog certainly dictate what title you choose – When in doubt, pick a language you don’t know, but pulls at your soul and then go look up various words and find two or three to string together….

    (how else do you think ballybin came about? LOL)

    Best wishes!


    • My advice would be not to use asterisks in the bloody, but then I rarely use them in fucking either.

      Thanks for the advice. It would be nice to have a title that is at least half descriptive of what people can expect should they deign to read it.


      • I’m silently raising my eyes in thanksgiving that you didn’t reply:
        “There is no cut worse in my culture than linking the B word with Englishman. I cannot, simply cannot, believe you were so crass as to write this”


        I sometimes worry after I hit the “Post Comment” button when I realize that I’m probably not as familiar with another culture as I ought to be….



      • We use bloody all the time. It is a pretty mild expletive. I have no problem being called a bloody Englishman, my girlfriend does it all the time πŸ™‚

        I do agree that sometimes it is worrying when relating to people from a different culture, especially when using language that could be considered offensive. Unfortunately I have a poor filter when it comes to expletives and I rarely use them in a censored form.


    • Thanks for the comment – I quite like that tag line too.

      In general I agree with you about people complaining about other people’s blogs, but in this case it was fairly tongue in cheek as she is my girlfriend πŸ™‚


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