Collection Book of the Week – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


Well this post is a little late this week and you have my apologies for that. I have been carefully considering my words this week in order to not have to relive the horrors and fallout of last week’s crime against blog posts. I have in fact received an award for the world’s most boring post, from Ionia, and will be posting my humble acceptance shortly. I haven’t done so yet as I have been seriously considering my ability to fulfil the  requirements of the award, which are to post five things about myself that are not boring.

The book for this week is one that I am sure many of you are familiar with, Douglas Adam’s, ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’. I don’t really know too much about this book, but I believe that it was originally issued as a paperback. The copy that I have is the UK first hardback edition. I appears that there were actually two different dust covers used, the first featuring an advertisement for Capricorn one on by Bernard L Ross, the second with a plain blue back. The edition I have has the plain back.

The story was originally presented as a radio play before being turned into a book, with the UK first edition being published in 1979. Interestingly, Douglas Adams was born in Cambridge, England, my local city, not that I ever saw him strolling around. The dust cover on my version is in pretty good nick and I like this relatively simple cover. I think that it is a positive, encouraging sign when there is a giant, gloved hand with a raised thumb in the corner of the cover.

P1000053 P1000057 P1000054

As you know, my interest in books doesn’t extend to purely financial considerations, however I did manage to purchase this book at a hospital book stall for the princely sum of 50p, that is half of 1GBP for those not overly familiar with pence. A quick check on the internet found the same book in similar condition for sale for about a thousand times what I paid for it. No doubt I have made some terrible error and my copy is worthless, but you win some, you lose some.

Well I realise that this post did not reach the heights of humour experienced in my Déjà vu – Surely Not post, but hopefully it has exceeded that, totally invisible, possibly even non-existent, line between butt numbingly boring, and acceptable. I shall await with bated breath the verdict on this post. Just crossing my fingers too!

Comments are, as always, received with pleasure, assuming they are pleasant ones. Please don’t forget to comment on my Another Complaint post if you have any ideas for a new tag line. I am hoping to potentially christen my blog on Tuesday.

19 thoughts on “Collection Book of the Week – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

  1. If you can writing a boring post about Hitchhikers then you have a super power and should fight crime. I think your post is interesting, so no cape in your future. Also, don’t forget your towel.


  2. Good Job! I would have paid more for it! But then, I am the one that believes all well written ebooks should cost more than you would pay the pizza delivery guy or the valet attendant. (And the valet parks more cars a day than I sell books.)


    • It was a complete bargain. I would have paid considerably more too.

      I like that you put well written ebooks in there, as in that case I agree with you. Payment for any product should be commensurate with the time and effort expended and the quality of the finished product.


  3. This post was much more exciting:)

    May I suggest as one of your five things that you have a very boring girlfriend and by comparison you look gloriously dangerous yourself? Living on the edge, that one. I love you Jules.


    • I am afraid I could never say such a a thing. I love my girlfriend and I find her to be the most exciting woman I have ever known, so to say otherwise would just be telling porkies. I love you too, Ionia.


      • Charles just looked up bloody berk. Honestly? It’s on the thread for my new post. I have a feeling you need to get over there and assist before another Brit/yank thing happens


    • Thanks, that is usually the best advice. As she is my girlfriend, I sort of have to listen to her views, and in fairness they are generally pretty good.

      I am glad you liked it. I hope to continue with this series for a while.


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