Blog Christening

As many of you know I have been taking suggestions for a new tag line for my blog. Well, when I say new, I mean actually replacing the default one with something more meaningful. It has not been long since I started my blog, a mere five years, but I think that it is time to change it. My blog has taken a number of different directions over the years, each one usually consisting of a couple of posts before boredom struck and no more updates for months, sometimes even years. I feel that I finally enjoy talking about my love of books on the blog, and even other topics, as and when they pique my interest.

So, hopefully, now that I have sufficiently whet your appetites, I can reveal my new tag line. Firstly though, I would like to thank everyone for their suggestions and opinions on the different suggestions. In particular Green Ember’s suggestion ‘Through the Reading Glass of a Mad Englishman’ was well received, as were ideas linking my nationality with different degrees of insanity, accompanied by a healthy smattering of expletives.

Being contrary though, I have decided upon the following:

Life, Literature and Lewd Comments

I feel that this covers a bit of everything that I may want to write about, and more importantly adds a subtle warning as to the sort of language that may be encountered.

Any comments and opinions are always appreciated, and I am as yet undecided whether to extend this tag line with further embellishments, such as my country of origin and mental state. Thank you all for your input into the decision making process and for making me get off my arse and make this change.

146 thoughts on “Blog Christening

  1. That was actually my second choice. I just didn’t know if a proper Englishman would fancy referring to his words as “lewd”. But since it actually says “Lewd Comments” I think you are onto something Dear Watson.


  2. Only in Comments. The rest of you is quite proper. Your life and the literature that you share in your posts, despite the fact that it might appear boring. Now, that this tag line issue is resolved you can focus on the other things. You and Ionia really need to have a date…not a blog date but a real date 🙂


  3. At least mine got an honourable mention! I did rather like it but your final choice is good too. To keep the alliteration and add a bit of the mental status (if you’re really wanting to do that) might I recommend the word loon? Or lunatic 🙂


    • I liked your suggestion too, but hopefully the final choice captures what I write about, when I get round to writing at all, and gives an idea of what to expect. I think I will hold off for a bit before making any additions to it, but thanks for your input both here and before, it is always appreciated.


  4. I really like the tagline Julian. If you wanted to add your country of origin or you mental state I think it would only enhance it so long as you can work those in while keeping it humorous, which I think the current tagline is. Nicely done my friend. 🙂


  5. If you wanted to extend the tagline to cover your mental state and country of origin you could change it to “Life, Literature and Lewd Comments from the Lunatic in the Loo” and have it all covered. Oh wait, that might imply you have digestive issues as well but I was trying to keep the alliteration thing going 🙂


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