Idioms and idiots and Americanisms: A poem

Excellent, fun poem.

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It has come to my attention
that I really know not much
about this culture I live in
the way you speak and such

I get that I am different
I will now show you why
so go ahead make fun of me
laugh until you cry

I’m not an American
although try to blend
and in my proper English speak
I really must defend

That when you say:
an ax to grind or a chip upon his shoulder
I think you’re slicing potatoes
to be worn in some sort of holster

and when I hear:
bend over backwards
or barking up the wrong tree
I think you and your dog
are doing gymnastics just for me

So go ahead and tell me:
Elvis has left the building
and I drove someone up the wall
I will wait for his return
and try to catch them in case they fall

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