154th Post

Just having posted my last ‘Collection Book of the Week’ post I noticed that I had completely missed my 150th post. Fuck! I was looking for that opportunity to mention this monumental landmark in my blogging adventure. I guess I must have missed it with my erratic posting schedule, and of course the excitement of WordPress informing of my four years of blogging. That however now seems a little sad that I have only just managed over 150 posts in that four years plus.

So a mini, very mini post here to mention the leaping of that 150th post hurdle. Long may it continue and I look forward to the 200th post.

Collection Book of the Week – Sir Percy Hits Back

Once again it would appear that I have been remiss in my blog duties and have not posted a solitary post for a week, not even a reblog. How the fuck can I expect to retain any followers, I do not know, (gratuitous use of the word fuck, I know, but I just had to use it at least once). I have also been neglecting my collection book of the week series, but fortunately found some pictures on my camera that I did not realise that I had with me. So for the joy and wonder of all I shall be able to make another post in this stuttering series. I hope that you enjoy it.


This book is not especially valuable, but I found it at one of the first book fairs that I ever attended and really liked it. It has sentimental value for that reason and has been included here. The book is ‘Sir Percy Hits Back’, by Baroness Orczy, part of the Scarlet Pimpernel series of novels. I have always enjoyed the Scarlet Pimpernel story. Who wouldn’t? Disguises, rescues and pretending to be a fop and a dandy, whilst all the while being the hero that society is talking about. No, I am not talking about myself here. I cannot honestly say I have ever been accused of being a fop or a dandy, and I am certainly no hero.

So on with the details. I bought this book at a PBFA book fair in Chelmsford a few years back as I was beginning to start collecting books. It cost me the princely sum of £9.00, one of my cheaper acquisitions of the day. I just liked the look and feel of the book. It is amazingly light in weight, and the paper has a soft texture, browning at the edges, but without any real sign of foxing.


P1000108 P1000106The dust cover is in reasonable condition, with a little loss at the top and bottom of the spine. All in all the book is in nice condition, a slight rolling of the spine is all. This book was published by Hodder and Stoughton Limited and is a seventeenth edition. First published in 1920, this edition was published in 1935, original price two shillings.

It was made and printed by Butler and Tanner Ltd of Frome and London. I liked the similarity of Frome to my surname, sad I know, but these little pleasures amuse me.

So, as I said, not especially valuable, but a nice book, that I am very pleased to have purchased. It would look a lot better on a shelf with others in the series, something I may have to consider looking into.

I hope this is of interest to the ‘many’ followers of my ‘Collection Book of the Week’ series. I will try to do better and keep this going. No doubt I shall return with some more Enid Blyton treasures for your delight and wonderment. For now, that’s all.

Comments as always gratefully received, unless they are bad ones, of course, and even then as long as they are lewd, I’m okay with it.