Book Release: My Dark Side by J. Ramirez

New book release. Check it out.

Kristen Hope Mazzola


My Dark Side

by J. Ramirez

Released September 22nd 2013


The last thing Scarlett Verandia wanted was to move across the country, leaving her soul mate behind. However, with nightmares plaguing her every night, she couldn’t help but think a change of scenery might help. When she arrived at Cold Spring, everything seemed quiet and peaceful, but as she learned more about the town and discovered a journal over a century old, her nightmares were only the beginning.

All of a sudden she was having visions, learning of curses and being prepared for something which she did not know. With strange abilities manifesting within her, she learns her life may be in danger, and the only way to survive would be to embrace her dark side.


  • Paranormal
  • Non Fiction

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