Book collecting for fun–a guest post

A guest post that I wrote for Readful Things Blog regarding book collecting. Thanks to Ionia for allowing me to share my thoughts.

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Book 11

I am very happy to present a guest post by the amazingly talented Julian Froment.
He may well be the only other person I know who is as devoted to the love of books and literature as I.

We eat them for breakfast…quite good with blackberry jam. Please give him a moment of your time and appreciate his wisdom. If we try hard we might convince him this needs to be a series.

Without further ado–Julian’s thoughts on book collecting:

I felt extremely honoured when Ionia asked me to write a post for ReadfulThings Blog regarding book collecting. I hope that this short post will serve to introduce her many followers to the general topic of book collecting and give a little insight into why certain people, like us, love to collect books.

It appears that many people seem to have the view that book collectors are boring…

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Friday Feature: An Interview With Jade Reyner

Great interview with Jade Reyner, author of Twelve Days: The Beginning. Take a look.


Welcome to an interview with Jade Reyner, author of Twelve Days: The Beginning.  Jade also has a blog, Jade’s Jungle, at where she takes you along on her “self-publishing safari”!

Jade Reyner

M:  Jade, thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed.  I’m excited to be able to talk with you about your current novel, Twelve Days: The Beginning, as well as the two sequels I believe you have planned.

J:  Marie, it’s a pleasure to be here and thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me!

M:  Can I get you anything?  There’s a bit of a time difference between us so I think you’re in the right time zone if you want anything harder than tea.  Some sherry, perhaps?

J:  Thanks – but I am a true Brit, tea, tea and more tea.

M:  Wonderful!  I’ll make us a pot of tea, then. …

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