Angst and Longing Prompt – CSB

A poem for the Angst and Longing prompt posted by Ionia Martin on the Community Storyboard

We just want to be together

Don’t they know we want to be together,
For more than ninety days,
Can’t they get it through their heads,
Forever and one day

No, you cannot stay,
You’ve got to go away,
Yes, you can come again,
In another ninety days

This is just insupportable,
To be separated like this,
When I just want to hold you,
Always in eternal bliss

To be at their total mercy,
Our future in their hands,
Don’t do it just as they say,
And you’ll end up getting banned

Still I will persist,
To fight until nothing’s left,
To find a way to stay with you,
Until my dying breath

My Love

life1Another short poem dedicated to the love of my life, Ionia. Ionia inspires me in so very many ways. She is a truly remarkable woman.

My love,
Turns the dark into light,
Makes my world bright

My love,
Brings joy,
Where once there was sorrow

My love,
Makes this life worth living,
Where once I merely existed

My love,
Makes everything real,
Has taught me how to feel

My love,
Has taught me the meaning,
Of unconditional love

My love,
Makes me a better man

My love,
Makes me feel like,
The luckiest man alive

My love, is Ionia,
Always and forever.