One Day (Prompt)

The most amazing poem, written by the most incredible woman in the world.

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Garden 012

One day it won’t be like this,
where separation is our daily bread;
the demon that we fight.

One day you will be forever by my side,
the other half that completes me,
I, your damsel princess and you my valiant knight.

One day this will be far away,
with fire dancing in the hearth,
our eyes locked in carefree embrace.

One day we will look back and smile,
remembering our struggles fondly,
knowing we won this race.

One day with you is worth the tears,
the heartache and the pain,
just 24 hours in your arms
and I know nothing was in vain

One day in my world, or perhaps even less
an hour, a minute, or just seconds–
yes, I must confess

One day isn’t long enough,
but neither is one life
to call you my husband
and to be called your wife

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