An Interview with The Lich

An interesting, and extremely fun, interview with the Lich. I learnt an awful lot from this interview, but I still have a few questions, that I shall be posing. Check it out.

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So, today, I am very honoured to have…uhm…pssst…how should I announce you…do you want to go by Lich or by the Lich or by…

The Lich-
The Lich is what I am known as. All other names have been cast aside.

Very good then. Today I am very honoured to have The Lich on Readful Things Blog for an interview. Can you tell us a little about yourself Mr. Lich?

The Lich-
Most of my history is cloaked in shadows, so it will be very little. I am the ruler of the Caster Swamp and the favorite of my dark master. It is my job to create armies in his name and remove all obstacles to his return.

Evasive. I like that. You know, you should eat you look a bit…er…boney

The Lich-
I’m on a strict soul of the innocent diet with the occasional drink for…

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