Love Gone Mad by Mark Rubinstein

LovegonemadLove Gone Mad by Mark Rubinstein

Description from Goodreads

When heart surgeon Adrian Douglas and Megan Haggarty, RN, meet at the hospital where they work, neither has any idea of the scorpion’s nest into which they’ve stumbled. Strange and frightening events begin happening to each of them; someone is after them both–and the stalker is not only brilliant and crafty, but vows to exact revenge for the ultimate betrayal. As things spin out of control, Megan and Adrian fight for their lives.

I gave this book four stars out of five

My thoughts:

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was something of a psychological thriller, with a love story thrown into the mix. It was moderately paced, and the author had the ability to keep me interested all of the way to the end.

This book was filled with plot twists, which although generally relatively predictable, were executed in such a manner as to not diminish them in any way. The story kept moving forward and there was plenty of action to accompany the intelligent plot.

I liked the relationship between Adrian and Megan, and also how Adrian was introduced into the life of Megan’s little girl, Marlee The characters were interesting and well formed. The character of Conrad was fascinating, although I did find him to be a little larger than life, being a prime specimen both physically and mentally.

The story was very intelligent. It was a frightening glimpse into the mind of a very disturbed man, perceived as a paranoid delusional, and dealt with a subject that instils fear into many. I found the insight into forensic psychiatry to be both informative and revealing.

I would recommend this book to anyone that wants an intelligent thriller, filled with action and a touch of romance. I enjoyed this read immensely.

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