An Interview with the fabulous Carly Drake

Another great author interview. Check it out.

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Please give author Carly Drake–author of Words Once Spokena big welcome to Readful Things. This series promises to be one of the most exciting and adventurous new series out there. Carly has been kind enough to offer us some insight into her books and her writing career–thank you for sharing with us!


What was the earliest thing you remember writing?

I remember being really little, I think it was after my 5th birthday, which incidentally, I spent in the hospital with a nasty tummy bug. My dad really wanted me to write “thank you” cards for the birthday presents I had gotten. There were so many to write and when you are that young, a task like that is pretty arduous. Most of my earliest “writing” memories were equally traumatic in one way or the other, so its a huge surprise to me that I’m actually an author!


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